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Neighborhood canvassing includes many different styles of locations.  Commonly used to canvass neighborhoods, we can also canvass business area locations, shopping plazas, or general area searches, such as beaches, bars, restaurants, etc.


Neighborhood canvassing is a very useful investigative tool in both criminal and civil defense cases.  In criminal cases, the neighborhood canvass may uncover pieces of information that were not originally identified. Potentially hidden witnesses may be found or video surveillance may surface as a result.


A thorough neighborhood canvass in can result in identifying witnesses that were originally reluctant in communicating with local law enforcement agencies. These witnesses can assist in the collaboration of facts.


In some cases neighborhood canvasses can be in two or more different locations. In cases where the crime, the arrest, and the recovered property (i.e. vehicle or merchandise) are in different locations, separate area canvasses may be required.


Canvassing is a tool that is used to determine the activities of a specific individual through the information provided by neighboring parties, commonly referred to as "Activity Checks". When an individual has filed a Workers Compensation Claim or Auto Accident Claim, the insurance company may elect to attempt and validate the level of activity of an individual through the performance of a neighborhood canvass.


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