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Pre Employment Screening


We verify references and prior employment for entry level positions up to executives.  Our investigations provide many results including:


  • Criminal Background Check

  • Previous employer verification (employment dates, eligibility for rehire)

  • Education Verification

  • Reference check

  • Credit Check

  • Nationwide Sex Offender Check

  • Social Security Verification

  • E-Verify


Tenant Screening


Regardless if you are a landlord or just have a few rental properties, you want to make sure your property will be taken care of and the neighborhood will be safe.  We gather all the pertinent information that you want to know to ensure you are paid on time and your property is in good hands.  Our research includes:


  • Credit Check

  • Employment Verification

  • Evictions

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Nationwide Sex Offender Check

  • Previous Landlord interview / Reference Check (if requested)


Nanny Screening


Who is taking care of your children?  We can check into the character and background of that nanny, au pair or babysitter.


  • Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Check

  • Criminal / Civil Records Check

  • Reference Check

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