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Surveillance is done to determine employment status, daily activities and degree of disability.  Surveillance normally requires long periods of sitting in an automobile, camera handy and following individuals as they sometimes perform routine errands and visits to doctor's offices.  

  At the doctor's office, does the claimant walk fine to get out of the car until he reaches in the trunk to grab the cane and neck brace?

  While following claimant to a barn dance, is she doing the boot scoot boogie

  We can do as little or as much as requested.  Results may require more time than you think; however, we will not "pad" our hours. 

Do you need to find that witness for service?

Where does your spouse go when she leaves work at 5 PM and stays out until midnight?

Why is there so much activity in the wee hours of the morning at your neighbor's house?

Is the claimant working? Is he building a house? Is he working at a sawmill?

Hourly surveillance is $70/hr and requires a $1,500.00 retainer.  Inquire about special pricing.

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